About Chalawan

Chalawan was created based on the food culture of Thailand and southeast Asia with the goal of achieving the highest level of fine dining cuisine. In the house of Chalawan, we have developed unique recipes with the best quality of ingredients and warm hospitality for all customers.

The design is inspired from the style of a Thai house in the early Rattanagosin period with the warm welcome feeling of a living room. The wall art is the great creation of a Thai national artistic master Chakrabhand Posayakrit . Colorful movie posters and music play in the restroom and old Thai videos on the wall. The plates and cutlery present a playful mood and are chosen in addition to unique cuisine so that each guest can enjoy the overall vision that we have selected from the first step in the restaurant until they leave.

The cuisine of Chalawan offers a unique flavor from the authentic home recipes of each region that we have learned and collected, from China down to the south of Indonesia. The cuisine is realized first with all experiences coordinated with locally grown produce farmers and finally combine with our own technique from the traditional style to latest technology.

A wine list has been curated that pairs perfectly with the flavors of the food. Chalawan has created a unique style of service that works perfectly for the local dining culture scene as well as Asian style dining, such as the way we serve rice in smaller portions and a smaller glass of water so server can have more change to engage to the customer.

We believe our guests will find Chalawan to be a truly memorable dining experience.

CHALAWAN, therefore, has been founded to prove that Thai and Southeast Asian cuisine, including Asian style dining culture of sharing their food can be served in a leading international restaurant. With this belief, we have created a delicious and delightful menu in a restaurant decorated in traditional Thai style in a warm welcome atmosphere with a great service minded attitude of our team, including choices of wine to perfectly pair with our food.